Frequently Asked Questions

To setup an account with Kill Food simply click the register button in the top right of your web browser, from there you'll need to input some basic information for the account, and then you're done!
Registration to Kill Food is entirely free of charge
There are currently no in-app purchases, once you setup your free account you have full access to all aspects of the application
Once you're logged in simply click the "Create Recipe" button in the top right corner and follow the instructions in the form
You can find the recipe within the recipe book that you specified when creating the recipe
There is not currently a way to search for a recipe, but that is functionality that we plan on setting up soon!
When saving a recipe if there is input that is invalid there should be a message telling you what the issue is, if not feel free to contact us with the problem so we can fix it
Not yet, but it's something we plan on building into the application very soon, so stay tuned
Currently Kill Food is only supported in English
Currently there is not a shopping cart, but we plan on integrating shopping lists and other similar services in the near future
Not currently, but that will be released with the next big update coming to Kill Food
Absolutely not. Kill Food is dedicated to keeping any personal information associated with your account completely secured and private.