About us...

Our story begins in a small village, high in the mountains of Northern Utah, where there lived a not-so-small wild tribe of Killpacks. These Killpacks were lively and industrious individuals - the kind you wanted to be with and be away from all at the same time. Outsiders found it difficult to understand their language, their rituals, and - of course - their humor. However, no one could resist the Killpack cuisine, not even the Killpack children. This was all thanks to their Chieftess, whose love for food and love for others inspired the beginning of ceremonial feasting. Many Killpacks have, since that time, come of age & flown the nest, but the great lessons of their Chieftess took root in their hearts and, perhaps more importantly, their stomachs. That is why they have decided to build killfood.com as a tribute to their amazing Chieftess, allowing villagers across many lands and waters to share and enjoy food with ease. After all, every kitchen has a Chief.

Those who venture into killfood.com will find it easy to save, create, and update recipes. Those recipes can be seen by them, by their tribe, and by the world-wide village as they see fit. Come, eat, and share, because food is what brings us together.

-With wild love from all the Killpack people